My english homework ?? ( I'M ITALIAN )?

My english homework ?? ( I'M ITALIAN )?

This is my interview for my english homework..I'm Italian and I study English at school,so,can you tell me if there are any errors ?? And , if there are errors,can you correct ?? I guess there are errors in grammar :S PLEASEEEE!!

1-Why do you want this job ?

I want this job because I have always loved the fashion world, since I was 10 years old.

2- You have had work experience ??

Yes. I've had some experience. I worked for 2 years for a famous fashion designer, and for about 1 year I went to a faschion school in Paris.

3- You speak a foregn language ??

Yes. I speak English,French ( But not very good ),and I studied Latin at school.

4- Do you have skills and qualities ??

Yes. I'm very creative and original person. And I use the computer very well.

5- What's your greates achievement ??

I won a contest and I received a important premium for the originaliity of my clothes.

6- What's your strenght ??

I have out going personality,I like learn and discover new things,visit new places and know new different people.

7- What's your weakness ??

I trust in people too much, and sometimes I get disappointment.

PLEASE HELP ME!! Or give me your email for help or reply here :)

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