Finance question

Finance question

Q 1. Identify and summarize each step of the financial plan. Give an example of a bad financial,decision and use each step in the financial plan to rectify that bad decision.

Q 2. Explain the difference between a good and a service. List two examples of a job that would,provide a good and list two examples of a job that would provide a service.

Q 3. List the functions of money and describe what impact inflation has on each.

Q 4. Choose a country with a weak economy based on what you have learned about economic, factors and indicators. Develop a plan or a proposal to strengthen that country by listing three factors that may need to be addressed.

Q 5. Describe the relationship between profit motive and capitalism. Explain how capitalism and profit motive can benefit a country and how the two can harm a country if they are not executed properly.

Q 6. Explain the process to determine if a product has high elastic demand. Give two examples that make this product's demand elastic. What are two other possible outcomes that may change the product's elasticity?

Q 7. Explain what must have happened to a product that once had high demand and but now has a low demand. Give an example of why the demand for this product has decreased. Also, explain what must have happened to a product whose demand was low now the demand for that product has increased.

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