Chemistry test? Someone please help me!

Chemistry test? Someone please help me!

Question 8 
a copper penny is left out in the rain. It turns a green color. Is this a physical change 

Question 9 
The melting point of lead is 327.5 °C. 
Which two of the following statements are correct? 

Lead is a solid at 310 °C 

Lead is a liquid at 300 °C 

Lead is a liquid at 390 °C 

Lead is a gas at 280 °C 
Question 10 
. (5.4 x 104) (2.2 x 107) 

4.5 x 105 

3.5 x 10^11 

.26 x 10^10 

4.0x 10^11 

2.6 x 10^6 
Question 11 
True or false - Bromine becomes another substance when it changes from liquid to gas 

Question 12 
True or false, a physical change involves a change of state 

Question 13 
Which of the following is not a physical characeristic of sodium metal 

defined mass 

defined color 

defined volume 

takes the shape of a container 
Question 14 
I have a piece of brass foil that is 15cm x 15 cm. the mass of the foil is 15gms. The density of brass is 8.3 g/cubic centimeter. 

What is the thickness of the foil. 

8.0 x 10 ^-3 cm 

.00012 cm 

1.4 x 10^2 cm 

1.4 x 10 ^16 cm

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