Carbon Chemistry 20 points for full ans?

Carbon Chemistry 20 points for full ans?

The apparatus shown can be used to investigate the gaseous products of combustion. The burning material is placed in the crucible at R & a slow stream of air is drawn through the apparatus by pump. 

1.When petrol is burnt at R, the anhydrous copper (II) sulfate (VI) turns blue and the limewater turns milky . 

(i) Name the combustion products responsible for these observations. 

(ii) Deduce the elements that present in petrol. 

(iii) Name a material which when burnt would cause the limewater to cloudy but not affect the anhydrous copper (II) sulfate (VI). 

2. (i) Pls help to write the equation for the reaction of 'limewater turns milky''. 

(ii) Give me 1 chemical method by which the cloudiness can be removed from the limewater, writing equation for the method you mentioned.

Update: 1(i) is that carbon dioxide i think. 
1(ii) is that water vapor I think. 
pls help me answer 1~2 thank q v much!!!

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