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Purchase and Sales Book

Purchase Book

The purchase book is used to record the purchases of goods on credit only. If any property other than goods is bought on credit, it should not be recorded in this book. Similarly the cash purchases are also not recorded in this book. Thus a business transaction must fulfill the following two conditions before it is entered in the purchase book: (i) The credit purchases involving no payment of cash on the spot. (ii) The articles, good, or merchandise purchased, are those which are meant for sale and not as property or asset of the business.

Purchase Book Table

Date Invoice No. Particulars (Account to be Credited) Ledger Folio Details Rs. Amount  Rs.

Sales Book

The Sales book or sales day book is written up in the same way as the purchase book. It is used to record only the sale of goods on credit. Thus, the following two points must be kept in mind before a sale is entered in this book:
(i)    that the transaction involves sales on credit only with no immediate cash payment;
(ii)    that the sale is of goods in which the business enterprise deals.

Sales book

Date Invoice No. Particulars (Accounts to be debited) Ledger Folio Details Rs. Amount Rs.

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