Allred Rochow Electronegativity

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Allred-Rochow Electronegativity

In 1958, Allred and Rochow proposed a more reasonable empirical approach to electronegativity based on electrostatic force between the nucleus and electrons. They defined electronegativity as electrostatic force (F) exerted by the effective nuclear charge ( Zeff )on the outermost electron at a distance r (covalent radius) form the nucleus. That is :
                                                            F Zeff
Where r = covalent radius of the atom in Å .

Zeff is calculated according to Slater rules based on screening effects of intervening electrons.
The attractive force(F) is then correlated to Eletrongativity values on the Pauling’s scale using an empirical relationship to obtain Allred-Rochow electronegativites xAR :
                                                            xAR = 0.359  Zeff    + 0.744

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