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It is commonly called borecole. It was first prepared by A. Stock in 1926 by reacting B2H2 and NH3 in the ratio at 250-3000C.

(i)    3B2H6 + 6NH → 2B3N3H6 + 12H2

It is also known as inorganic benzene because its physical properties closely reassemble those benzene with which is electronic. It is also prepared by the reduction of boron trichloride which is first converted into trichloroderivative of borazine an then reduced with NaBH4.
(ii)   3BCI3 + 3NH4CI   →    B3N3H3CI3

B3N3H3CI3 + 3NaBH4    →    B3N3H6 + 1.5B2H6

(iii)  It is also prepared by the direct reaction of NaBH4 with ammonium chloride :

3NaBH4 + 3NH4CI   →     B3N3H6 + 3NaCI + 9H2

Borazine has a planar hexagonal ring structure in which B and N atoms are sp2 hybridized. An important difference form benzene is that in borazine the π-bond is a dative bond, formed by the overlap of filled 2p- orbitals of nitrogen with empty 2p orbitals of boron.

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