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Evidence For Werner’s Theory

1.    Chloride ion activity.

By comparing the number of chloride ions precipitated by Ag+ ions form solutions of different series of Co(III) and Pt(IV) complexes, Werner was able to establish the number of ionizable chloride ions in each complex and thereby was able to assign the correct formulation to each complex ion. He was able to assign correctly whether a particular chloride ion satisfied only the primary valency or it had a dual role, i.e., fulfilled both the primary and secondary valencies.

2.    Number of ions formed.

 Werner was able to assign exact formulation to each complex by studying the molar conductivity of its solution. t comparing its molar conductivity data with those of some known electrolytes, Werner was able to predict the number of ions present in solution. This application has been illustrated in for Co(III) and Pt(IV) complexes, respectively.

3.    Number and type of isomers.

 Werner was able to assign structures to various complexes on the basis of the number of isomers which he was able to isolate. For example, he assigned octahedral geometry to the complex ion [Co(NH3)4CI2]+ because he was able to isolate two (cis and trans) isomers. Similarly, he assigned square planar geometry to the complexes [Pt (NH3)2CI2] because he was able to isolate both cis and trans isomers.

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