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Hsab Principle

Pearson suggested a simple rule for predicting the stability of co-ordination compounds formed between acids and bases and is often termed as the HSAB Principle. “ It states that hard acids prefer to bond to hard bases and soft acids prefer to combine with soft bases”.

In other words, hared acids will show the following order of preference for binding the donor atoms r ions within a group:
                                                   F- >> CI- > Br- > I-
                                                   R2O >> R2S
                                                   R3N > > R3P
Soft acids will show the opposite trend and the following order of perforce for binding the donor atoms or ions within a group is observed.

                                                   I- >> Br > CI- > F-
                                                   R2S >> R2O
                                                   R3P >> R3N
Hard acids and hared bases are not easily polarizable and their interactions are predominantly ionic. On the other hand soft acids and soft bases are usually polarizable and hence their interaction are predominant covalent.

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