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Molecular Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy is that branch of science which deals with the study of interaction of electromagnetic radiations with matter.

(A)    Molecular Energy levels.

In case of atoms when the energy is absorbed, the electrons jump to some outer orbits and then they start jumping back with the emission of energy equal to the difference between he energy of the two energy levels, and the result is an atomic plectra. However in case of molecules, when the energy is absorbed, it may result into rotating, vibration or electronic transition depending upon the among of energy absorbed. Just as electronic energy is quantized i.e. there are only discrete electronic energy levels in an atom or a molecule, the rotational and vibration energies are also quantized i.e. three are only discrete rotational and vibration energy levels in a molecule. The rotational, vibration and electronic energy levels of a molecule are collectively called molecular energy levels. The transitions’ of energies can taken place only between these levels. The transitions of energies can take place only between these levels. The result is a molecular spectra. Just as the study of atomic plectra is helpful in the study of structure of atoms, the study of molecular plectra is one of the best experimental methods of studying the structure of molecules.

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