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Shapes of p-orbital’s

The spatial distribution of an s-orbital is spherically sym-metrical but it is not so for a p-orbital. For = 1, m has three values 1,0 representing the three orientation of p-orbital’s px, py, pz Angular wave function of = 1, m, =0 labeled  as pz and the expression gives two tangent dumb-bells-symmetrical about z-axis. In other words, the angular part of the probability distribution is concentrated along z-axis and the resulting surface of pz electron has the form of a dumbbell along the z-axis. The dumbbell-shaped lobes of high probability are separated by a nodal surface in xy plane. Other two shown in . The electron in a p-orbital is found with equal probability in any of the lobes. The three p-orbital’s px, py, pz together having an electronic each one of these gives a spherical distributing of electron density.

                                                                   Shapes of p-orbitals
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