Solids And Their Classification

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Solids And Their Classification

A solid is defined as that form of matter which possesses rigidity and hence possesses a definite shape and a definite volume. The solids are divided into two types, namely, crystalline and amorphous.

1.    Crystalline solids.

A solid is said to be crystalline if the various ions, atoms or molecules of which the solid is made up, are arranged in a definite geometric pattern within the solid. All solid elements and compounds exist in this form. The crystalline solids are further classified into a number of types which have been discussed in Sec.5.3 along with examples of each type.

2. Amorphous solids.

A solid is said to be amorphous if the constituent ions, atoms or molecules of the substance are not arranged in any regular fashion (although it possesses rigidity, definite shape and definite value) e.g. glass, pitch, rubber, polymers of high molecular mass etc. In fact, t he amorphous substances are not regarded as true solids; rather they are considered to highly super cooled liquids of very high viscosity.

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