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Types of Liquid Crystals

On the basis of their molecular arrangement, the liquid crystals are classified into the following three types:

(1)    Nomadic liquid crystals.

In these crystals the molecules are lined up in such a way that their axes are parallel to each the but the molecules are not arranged in liters . The name ‘nomadic’ comes form the Greek word meaning ‘thread’ as they appeared thread-like when seen under a microscope. The crystals are translucent i.e. less turbid and quite mobile i.e. can flow. Further they scatter light strongly.

        Different types of liquid crystals

(2)    Semitic liquid crystals.

In these crystals, the molecules not only have their ling axes parallel to each other but are also arranged in liters, as shown in . The name ‘septic’ has been derived from the Greek word meaning ‘soap’ as these crystals are like soaps in touch and structure. These crystals are more turbid and viscous than nomadic liquid crystals. Frequently, a septic substance is transformed into a nomadic substance during the course of heating to a higher temperature.

(3)    Cholesterol liquid cattails.

 In these crystals, the arrangement of molecules is similar to that of nomadic liquid crystals. However, in these crystals. the orientation of the axes shifts in a regular what I going form one layer to the next they giving a helical structure, as shown in . Because of this structure, cholesterol crystals have the remarkable optical property of reflecting light of different coleus under different conditions e.g. at different temperatures.Basesd upon this property, rigs using scholastic liquid crystals are available which change color with person’s mood i.e. with one’s skin temperature. The name ‘cholesterol’ has been given to these crystals because these substances are all derivatives of cholesterol (cholesterol itself).

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