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Benefits of An SRS

Using an SRS model provides a specification process that is unambiguous and delivers complete specification document. This assists the project manager in communicating clearly with the project stakeholders to ensure that:

1.    Software customers accurately describe what they wish to obtain.
2.    Software suppliers understand exactly what the customer wants.
3.    Individuals accomplish the following goals.
(a)    Develop a SRS outline for their project and organization;
(b)    Define the format and content of their specific software requirements;
(c)    Develop additional local supporting items such as an SRS quality checklist or best practices handbook.

A good SRS demonstrates these specific benefits to the project stakeholders

•    The SRS becomes the baseline for agreement between the customers and the  suppliers and specifies what the software product is to do. The complete description of the functions to be formed by the software specified in the SRS will assist the potential users to determine if the software specified meets their needs or how the software must be modified to meet their needs.

•    It reduces the development effort. The preparation of the SRS forces the various concerned groups in the customers’ organization to consider rigorously all of the requirements before design begins and reduces later redesign, recording, and retesting.

•    A careful review of the requirements in the SRS can reveal omissions, misunderstandings and inconsistencies clearly in the development cycle when these problems are easier to correct

•    It becomes the basis for estimating costs and schedules. The product description is a realistic basis for estimating project costs. In a public environment where a formal bidding process exists, the SRS is used to obtain approval for bids or price estimates.

•    Organizations can develop their validation and verification plans much more productively from a goods SRS. As a part of the development contract, the SRS provides a baseline against which compliance can be measured.

•    It facilitates the transfer of the software product to new users or new machines. Customers thus find it easier to transfer the software to other parts of their organization, and suppliers find it easier to transfer it to new customers.

•    It serves as a basis or enhancement. Because the SRS discusses the product but not the project that developed it, it serves as a basis for later enhancement of the finished product.

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