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Boehm’s Software Model

In 1983 Boehm proposed a model for the maintenance process based upon the economic models and principles. Economic models are nothing new as economic decisions are a major driving force behind many processes and Boehm’s thesis was that economic models and principles could not only improve productivity in the maintenance but also help understanding the process.

Boehm represents the maintenance process as a closed loop cycle. He theorizes that it is the stage where management decisions are made that drives the process. In the stage, asset of approved changes is determined by applying particular strategies and cost-benefit evaluations to a set of proposed changes. The approved changes are accompanied by their own budgets, which will largely determine the extent and type of resources expanded.

Boehm sees the maintenance manager’s task as one of balancing the pursuit f the objectives of maintenance against the constraints imposed by the environment in which maintenance work is carried out. Thus the maintenance process is driven by the maintenance manager’s decisions, which are based on the balancing of objectives against the constraints.

Boehm's model

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