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Characteristics of MIS

The following are the characteristics of MIS.

1.    The MIS should support executive usage: This characteristic serves to distinguish between transaction orientated system and material oriented system. That is MIS is meant for all three level of organizations to provide information for managerial decision making.

2.    The MIS should cross organizational lines: Besides serving managerial users at various level, the MIS should have the capability for providing data to managers in various functional areas (marketing, finance etc.) of the organization.

3.    The MIS should serve top-management: Many MIS specialists believe that MIS is not worthy of the name unless it directly serves the requirements of top-management.

4.    The MIS should be responsive to unstructured request for information: This characteristic is not present in lower level organizational system. The unstructured decisions are handling by the top level management with supported of DSS database system.

5.    The MIS should represent the techniques of management science: As we have noted that it is not sufficient for MIS simply to produce more comprehensive or timeliness information with out applying of the Management Science.

6.    The MIS should provide integrated and non-redundant information: As a practical matter, there may be considerable redundancy and duplication of information in the database.

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