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Digital Currencies

A currency is a unit of exchange, facilitating the transfer of goods and services. So an e-currency is simply a unit of exchange using internet.

We can do following with digital currencies:

•    Send and receive money instantly to family, friends and business associates worldwide.
•    Make online payments 24 hours a day from anywhere.
•    Collect real-time online payments from sale of goods and services, online games, actions, etc.
•    Easily exchange dollars for gold and vice versa.

Digital Retail Flow Diagram

Benefits to Users

•     FREE account signup.
•    Real-time online payments.
•    Send mass payments with one click.
•    Standing Order payments.
•    Email payments to any email address.
•    Request payment from anyone with an email address.
•    Perform one-time and recurring payments
•    Lower merchant fees than credit cards.
•    Top Class security thanks to the PIN verification of spends.

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