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Digital Payment System

The internet payment solution providers have evolved over the recent years. They facilitate the online payment system for the buyers, sellers and merchants. The credit cards from the major issuing companies like Master, Visa and American Express has facilitate the payment process and make it very convenient for the online users and the merchants. Now everyone from every part of the world can by almost everything on the internet through the credit cards.

The diversity in the payment systems enables the merchants to manage and promote their businesses by offering different currencies and languages options to the online buyers. You need to make an account with the payment processing companies like PayPal, World pay and 2CO etc to send and receive the payments worldwide. Some of the major payment processor includes the following.

(i)    PayPal

PayPal is the largest online payment network. PayPal provides the free and instant online payment service to the selected countries. It is the preferred payment system for the buyers and sellers throughout the world. After getting an account with the PayPal you can send and receive payment online to everyone on your email address. It is headquartered in California, USA and was founded in 1998. Through your PayPl account you can transfer your money to your bank account or your credit card. The PayPal supports different currencies.

(ii)    2CO

2CO is an excellent payment processor system that enables you to sell your products online or buy products and services online. It supports thousands of the products to be sold online. After making account with 2CO, you get robust account management, multiple shipping options, support several currencies and automate the online shopping. 2CO is also known as 2Checkout and it supports more countries than the PayPal.

(iii)    Worldpay

 Worldpay is the leader in the online payment processing systems. It facilitates the customers to accept the payments via internet, email, phone and fax. It has variety of payment methods and support multiple currencies and countries.

(iv)    MoneyBookers

Money Bookers is another excellent payment method and everyone from the supported countries can join it for free. After getting account with the Money Booker, you can fund your account, send money online at the receiver’s email address, shop online and receive money. With MoneyBookers you can send and receive the payment in seconds. It supports local currencies in approximately 30 countries. There is no setup cost and it accepts almost every major credit card.

(v)    E-Gold

E-Gold is a digital gold currency and it allows you the trade or transfer the ownership of the gold between the users. It is an account based payment system that enables the people to trade of uses the gold as money. E-Gold is used for the payrolls, bill payments, e-commerce, and business-to business payments, person to person payments and donations.

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