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Dimensions of EMS

1.    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) : It is an e-commerce tool. Electronic data interchange for communication, commerce and actions.

2.    Designed and Engineering : This is the software and hardware components tool which can apply with Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) stem of production.

3.    Security Management (SM) : Security management system is the information system security tools, such as close circuit television, alarms or warning system, movement tracing system. etc.

4.    Communication Management System (CAM) : It is the essential resource management in today’s modern organization. Because of the business are expanded towards global level there to have communication, telephone, television, satellite network, mobile communication. TV and audio systems.

5.    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) : It is the part of EMS planning is the principal of management; it helps in doing the things in right way. It performs with both sophisticates hardware and software programmers.

In today’s business, the demand is a paper less operations, a wireless communication network. Integrated management system, with all these the management take an opportunity to make ease of decision-making.

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