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DSS is more targeted than MIS system. MIS system provides managers with routine flows of data and assist in the general control of the organization. But, the DSS provides assistance in special discussion or class of decision. DSS provides end-user on control of data, tools, and decisions. MIS is still largely dominated by professionals. Users receive information from a processional staff of analysts, designers, and programmers. In terms of objectives. MIS focuses on structured information flows to middle manager. DSS is aimed at top managers and middle mangers, with emphasis on change, flexibility, and quick responds. With DSS is less of an effort to link users to structured information flows and a correspondingly grater reanalysis and deign. However, MIS usually follows graphics. Both DSS and MIS rely on professional analysis and deign. However, MIS usually follows a traditional system development methodology, whereas, DSS system consciously interactive, are never frozen and in a sense are never finished.

DSS provides integrated tools, data, models, and languages to users. MIS proves structured information to end users. DSS established what tools are used in the decision process. MIS identify information requirements, DSS are interactive process, and MIS deliver system based on the frozen requirements.

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