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EDI Over The Internet

EDI traditionally has been used by large organizations that can afford to spends huge amount of money on converters as well as maintaining private point-to-point networks for security and reliability reasons. This was an unthinkable proposition for the small and medium sized enterprises. The advent of Internet has brightened the possibility of doing online transactions by these small and medium enterprises, but with the compromise on security. Ensuring the flow of EDI data transfer over the Internet in a secure manner is the objective of EDIINT. EDIINT solution helps to level the playing field for SMEs by providing a solution that allows these companies to do business with larger organizations and, at the same time, enjoy the cost savings, speed and other benefits of e-Commerce. EDI over the Internet (EDIINT) is a working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that is chartered with creating specifications for transporting EDI for SML documents over the Internet in a secure (digitally singed and encrypted), highly reliable manner.

Benefits of EDIINT

EDIINT “EDI over the internet” offers the opportunity for large, medium and small enterprises to connect exchange business documents over secure public network and significantly reduce communication costs.

The following are some of the benefits

(i)    Secure: Addresses the issues of privacy, integrity, authentication and non-repudiation for B2Be-commerce over the open Interne.

(ii)    Intercedes Reliability due to the usage of secure protocols, guaranteed deliver, and encryption decryption techniques

(iii)    Low-cost as compared to the VAN based transactions

(iv)    Highly accessible as connectivity to Internet is no more a luxury

(v)    Supports high bandwidth communications

(vi)    Technically mature as the specifications are being continually refined based on the feedback form industry usage.

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