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End-User Development

The development of an information system by the managers or management themselves with little or no formal assistance of technical specialists by using sophisticated computers, software graphics and operating system tools is called end-user development system. It is the one of the model of IS where an organization’s people are affordable to develop their own system. The end-user (decision makers) can access data, create data and reports, and develop entire information system without support of system analysts and professionals. Many of these end-users developed their information system which can be created much more rapidly than those using traditional SDLC or other model of IS. illustrates the components and developing of end-user IS model.

End-user: Representative of a department outside of the information systems group for whom information systems applications are developed.

End-user Development: The development of information system by end users with little or no formal assistance form technical specialists.

End-user Interface: The part of the information system through which the end user interacts with the system, such as on-line screens and commands.

End-user Software: Software tools that permit the development of applications by end user with little or no professional programmer intervention or that enhance the productivity of professional programmers.

End-User Development System

In the end-user development system, there are different components involving. These components supports directly in the developing of information system to the organization. By using end-user computing tolls, such as quarry languages, graphics languages, reports generation, application development, very high level languages, and micro-computers the users develop their own data stores, data process and retrieval of information by using all the above tools. Here, both the sophisticated hardware and software packages are utilized by the users to develop the information system. Directly middle and lower level organizational staff supports in the process of information and implementation of the system.

One kind of internet based application has created on efficient MIS for Tamil Nadu’s Water Supply and Drainage Board (TNWAD). The TWADNEST Web Application developed for TNWAD addressed major functional areas such as project monitoring, financial accounting, water quality management, and HR management. A comprehensive database of almost 2GB covering all activities of the TNWAD has been developed. All the other government bodies, TNWAD hosts most of its applications in its own data center, situated at the Marina Beach, Chennai. For concentrating of all the branches TNWAD used NIC, BSNL and TNSWAN (Tamil Nadu State Wide A rea Network) and backbone networks. The TNWAD is the first organization in the state of Tamil Nadu to make use of the TNSWAN network, and implementing the ERP level application software.

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