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ERP Development Process

ERP system offers persistent business functionality, the applications covers virtually are all aspects of business functions. Understanding and managing their persistence will result in a

ERP Development Process

business and productive business applications platform. Otherwise, the system we selected may be possible to failure are resulted a poor return on investment. Therefore, a systematic process for developing ERP system is necessary for delivering results and managing the risk of implementation.

ERP develop process follows a similar process whether for single application, or go with of related modules or comprehensive ERP system. A typical ERP system developing process contains various steps. Illustrates the detailed process of development.

ERP develop process consisting of key elements which formed into series of steps.

•    As a first step in the process it must identify the key personnel including supervisors, team leaders and empowered members. The responsibility of the project success mainly depends on these tem member.

•    Second step in the process of ERP developing is defining of business vision and objectives. The project team must articulate the vision and mission of the organization, along with its identifiable critical objectives. To achieve the maximum benefit from the ERP system, an enterprise objective, goals, vision and mission must be encompasses and taken to consider.

•    The third step of ERP process is defining requirements to build an ERP system. The requirements and objectives of the organization should match each other because of every ERP system supports to the organizational goals and mission. Therefore, the requirement for building an ERP system is mandatory to all.

•    Fourth stage f ERP development is very lengthy and plays key role in the process. It is simply developing an alternative of ERP system. These are there kind of alternative available to the ERP implementers, that is- integrated system, best of brand and custom development and feasible system. While selecting the best ERP system, there are three kind of decision should be taken by the selection team of ERP. That is, is it enough to develop; an ERP system with an integrated system? If yes, lit can build with narrow choice, configure or extended configure adding and refined with evaluation. If no, look for another alternative, that is, is it functionalize properly? If yes, then select the best of brand ERP and standard ERP; otherwise, kook for tired alternative, that is, can it customized? If yes build a customized ERP system. It is to develop customized built-in ERP system, otherwise the proposal of project will be withdraw or loop for develop ERP requirements with added objectives and vision.

•    After identifying the best alternative of ERP system, the process continuous to fifth step, that is finalized the plans and implantation. It is important to make a smooth and deliberated transition to the implementation of developed ERP system.

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