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Hardware VS Software Reliability

Hardware reliability has long history and is much better understood as compared to software reliability. The main reason of hardware failure is the physical changes that take place in the hardware over period of time i.e. the components deteriorate (due to overheating, corrosion etc.) and finally wear out. However there is not wearer out phenomenon in case of software and failures mainly take place due to its exposure to wrong environment. As compared to hardware, software can be replicated to high standards of quality. In case of hardware failure, it can be corrected by simply replacing the failed components with new components. The system after correction restores to same reliability level. In other words hardware reliability has a tendency to wards constant value. In software it is not the some. Once the filatures are fixed, repaired, software reliability improves. It means that it has a tendency to change and improve specially during testing periods. As both hardware and software are integral part of a sister, specially in today’s scenario, both software and hardware reliability can be combined in order to make a reliable system. Over a period of time therefore, software reliability theory is developed so as to make it compatible with hardware reliability theory.

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