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KBS Structure

The KBS consists of a Knowledge Base and a search program called Inference Engine (IE). The IE is a software program, which infers the knowledge in various forms. This may includes an empty Workspace to store temporary results and information/knowledge pieces/chunks. As an expert’s power lies in his explanation and rezoning of the decision made/suggested by the system. Also, human beings have an ability to lean new things and forget the unused knowledge from their minds. Simulation of such learning is essential component of KBS. The life of KBS may vary according to the degree of such simulation. KBS may be either manually updated (manual update) or automatically updated by machine (machine learning). Ideally, the basic frame of a KBS rarely needs to be modified. In addition to all these, there should be an appropriate User Interface, which may have the Natural Language Processing facility.

KBS Structure

According to the classification by Tuthhill and Levy (1991), there are five types of the KBS exist:

(i)    Expert systems,
(ii)    Hypertext manipulation systems.
(iii)    CASE based systems.
(iv)    Database in conjunction with an intelligent user interface and
(v)    Intelligent tutoring systems.

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