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Major Software Risk

These are listed below:

1.    Personnel shortfalls :
Staffing with top talent, job matching, team building, key personnel agreements, cross training.

2.    Unrealistic schedules and budgets: Detailed multi-source cost and schedule estimation, design to cost, incremental development, software reuse, requirements scrubbing.

3.    Developing the wrong functions and properties: Organization analysis, mission analysis, operations – concept formulation, user surveys and user participation, prototyping, early user’s manuals, off-nominal performance analysis, quality-factor analysis.

4.    Developing the wrong user interface: Prototyping, scenarios, task analysis, user participation.

5.    Gold-plating : Requirements scrubbing, prototyping, cost-benefit analysis, designing to cost.

6.    Continuing stream of requirement changes: High chance thresholds, information hiding, incremental development (deferring changes to later increments).

7.    Shortfalls in externally furnished components: Benchmarking, inspection reference checking, and compatibility analysis.

8.    Shortfalls in externally perfumed takes: Reference checking, pre-award audits’, award-free contracts, competitive design or prototyping, team-building.

9.    Real-time performance shortfalls: Simulation, benchmarking, modeling, prototyping, instrumentation, tuning.

10.    Staining computer science capabilities: Technical analysis, cost-benefit analysis, reference checking.

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