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Overview of DSS

DSS is often isolated form the organization’s TPS, MIS and EIS. The main comments of DSS are the model base, the DSS database, and DSS software system and sure interface.

DSS Overview and Components

There are three basic components in the DSS, that is-Database, model base, and DSS software. The DSS database is the collection of the various functional areas of management data. That is data related to financial management, production management, marketing management, accounts management, sales management, operational management, purchasing management and so on. Management. Such as mathematical models, analytical models, statistical models, forecasting models and planning models. All the models are being supportive in solving the problem and working in finding of the alternative of the solutions. DSS software is the their comments of the DSS system. It provides room to interaction between users and DSS database, and models. DSS software manages the creation, storage, and retrieval of data form the main database and also supplies to the user through the user interface system.

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