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Requirements Engineering Techniques

To solve the requirements problem, a wide range of skill sets and knowledge needs to be applied. The source of the techniques can very and it depends upon the interest of the group. Macaulay in 1996, mentioned the following nine different groups in accordance with their interests.

1.    Psychology and Sociology

This technique is helpful in determining the user requirements. Requirements Engineer uses the following approaches to achieve his/her goal.
•    Interviewing
•    Observing
•    Video Recording
•    Think allowed experiments
•    Card games
•    Ethnographic studies

2.    Marketing

A marketing type technique can be helpful in the product development as it deals with the initial phase of user response. Requirements engineer and users, both get a chance to discus the future technologies and possible requirements.

3.    Object Oriented Analysis

The systems designed using this approach are more maintainable because in object oriented technique as the system evolves, its functions tends to change but their objects remain unchanged.

4.    Structured Analysis

Using this technique systems analyst prepares the following:
1.    Data flow diagrams
2.    Entity relationship diagrams.
Data flow diagrams can be used as a basis of program design and entity relationship models can be used as a basis of database design.

5.    Participative Design

The technique is also referred to as “Scandinavian Approach”. This
is a complete interactive technique, where the users participate actively in the design process. Mock-ups and prototypes of the design are built to give user an idea fo the new system that they will using in the future.

6.    Human Factors and Human Computer Interaction

In this approach users are put at the center fo the design model. With the help of this technique, designers make the design that fit the user needs.

7.    Soft Systems

This technique considers the wider system environment and it can be applied to the analysis of human and organizational problem situations. Soft system addresses those system that were not addressed by conventional systems such as:

•    Treatment of the problem
•    Multiple perspective
•    Goal driven
•    Emphasis on change
•    Emphasis on control and monitoring
•    Emphasis on behavior

8.    Quality

Quality plays an important role in Requirements Engineering-Quality here refers to as a Satisfaction of customer. Therefore it is necessary that all the requirements should be made clear, so as to meet the expectations of the customers.

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