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SCM Plan

SCM plan least with the following main activities:
•    Identify and specify the components that are affected by the change requirement.
•    Classify them into two categories.
(a)    Direct components where change requirement is to be effected.
(b)    Indirect components where the change calls for consequential modification.
•    Determine the process implementation strategy and activities thereof for execution.
•    Schedule these activities in line with software development cycle i.e., requirement analysis - design -develop –test –approve –modify baseline and components update the component libraries – deploy and implement.
•    Update configuration database.

The configuration database is designed to record all events relating to the product or system over its life cycle. It is a basis for MIS reporting about the configuration management process. It proves information on (1) Customer versus product and its versions, (2) Version versus the hardware platform versus the operating system, (3) referential data on version creation, (4) change request status versus disposal

 The SCM plan is important for large complex products or system. In such products and systems, where users are large and are distributed in different environments, change requirements is a continuous feature. To manage all change request effectively, the SCM plan is necessary to ensure that all change requirements are disposed to users, customers and stakeholders satisfaction and product integrity is maintained.

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