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Software Testing Guidelines

Following are the guidelines that should be kept in mind while testing software.

•    Testers while testing the product must have a destructive attitude in order to do effective testing.
•    Testing must start at the moment requirement analysis phase in order to avoid defect migration.
•    Both functional as well as non-functional requirements of the software product must be tested.
•    As far as possible testing must be supported by automated testing, tolls.
•    Full testing i.e., starting from requirement phase till acceptance, testing must be sued for critical software.
•    Testing should also be conducted by a third party independently for effective results.
•    Testware must be properly documented using software test standards and must be controlled using configuration management system.
•    Quantitative assessment of tests and their results must be done.
•    An efficient testing process must be used by the organization.
•    Testing is never 100% complete.

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