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Software Version Control

A good software product or system undergoes a change for various reason and it is in practice to name these product phase by two designations: one, variation and the other, version.

Reasons For Variations and Versions

Variations and versions occur due to the following reasons:
•    Customer asks for more functions and features.
•    Customer asks for an extension of the product.
•    Customer asks for porting of the product to a new hardware platform, operating system and so on.

Version and veriation matrix

•    Customer asks for industry-specific customized modules.
•    Customer asks for more integrating capabilities through interfaces and connectivities in other systems.

Matrix of version and variations indicating how the product moves form belling. A change in product is termed version when it expands to additional infrastructure. The naming practice generally followed.

It is a generally an accepted principle that the current version supports its earlier version. A stage may occur in its growth path that it is technically infeasible and commercially not viable to support earlier version. In such cases configuration database should keep track of these versions and their users for support and maintenance.

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