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Structure of MIS

The physical structure of MIS has been divided into two forms. These two forms can be achieving the designing of MIS structure. These are, (1) Integrated Processing, and (2) Common modules. The integrated processing is achieving by designing several related applications as a single system. That is by interconnecting with all the major sub-system, such as marketing, finance production, human resource and so on, the integrated processing worked out.

An Integrated Processing

In the above structure, the activities and functional process of organizations can be shared at any level. In applications of information system, there will be integration.

In the common module procedures, the MIS structured will formed based on the application modules. A module means small and independent activity. In MIS structures based on the modularity has been consider the key activities from all the sub-systems and connected with the main system, For example,

Common Modules Procedure

The Graduate Program Office keeps the formal public files on all students who apply for admission to the doctoral program of the School of Management. If someone who is authorized wants to look at an application’s file, they have it. However, they keep on record on application by program. The MIS area secretary has a private formal system. Anyone who wants “tracking data” asks her. It is her private system; if she leaves, it is unlikely the system would persist. There is no formal documentation.

As if observed from the figure that, only some key modules of the sub-system has been connected with MIS system, which is known as module procedure.

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