Techniques Of Software Re Engineering

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Techniques of Software RE-Engineering

In software re-engineering, two engineering techniques are used, namely
•    Reverse engineering
•    Forward engineering

Reverse Engineering

In reverse engineering, you disintegrate or disassemble the software in parts and components to understands its design, architecture and application from all angles. With such better understanding we take the software further for major improvements. In reverse engineering, we analyze the software by breaking it down to suggest improvements. The reverse engineering process reveals problems, difficulties and areas of improvements, inviting use of better technology, design, methods and tools.

Forward Engineering

In forward engineering, we take the exiting software product and re-design it as a new system by moving it forward to new architecture and new platform in an effort to improve its overall behavioral quality such as performance, recovery, reliability etc. In essentially the same RDD and SRS being delivered through new design. For examples the mainframe system would be turned into a client sever system architecture. An application based on client-sever architecture becoming a Web-based application is another example. Changing the conventional system design to an object oriented system design so that it can integrated into new suit of applications is a forward engineering application.

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