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Horizontal Variometer

The instrument can record continuously the variation of the horizontal components of the magnetic induction (BH) of the magnetic field at a place. The magnetic system is suspended by a quartz fiber from a torsion head. The torsion head is rotated until the magnetic axis of the magnet makes an angle of 90o with the magnetic meridian. A narrow beam of light is made to strike the mirror and the reflected beam is received on a photographic film rolled over a drum rotating at a uniform speed. Let M and BH represents the magnetic moment of the suspended magnet and the horizontal component of the magnetic induction of the earth’s magnetic field.

The restoring torque on the magnet = MBH.
Let θ be the twist in the suspension fiber. Let C be the tensional torque per unit twist. Then,

MBH = Cθ, MδBH = Cδθ, BH = C/M δ θ.

If C is small and M is large then for a small change δBH, there will be large change is δθ. Due to the increase in the twist by δθ, the spot of light reflected on to the recording drum moves.

Horizontal Variometer

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