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Insulation Resistance of Cable

Insulation resistance is the ohmic resistance in an electric circuit offered by an insulating coating. cover, material or support to an impressed voltage, tending to produce a leakage or current through the same.

Consider a cable of inner and outer radii r1 and r2, length, l and of resistively of insulating material p.

Considering very thin layer of radial thickness dr at a radius r, the length through which the leaking current flow is dr and area of x-section provided to the flow of current is 2 πrl.

Hence insulation resistance of the layer under consideration

p dr
   2 πrl

Insulation resistance of the whole cable will be obtained by integrating the above expression between the limits r1 and r2

 Insulation resistance of the whole cable,

From the above expression it is obvious that the insulations resistance of the cable decreases with the increase in length.

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