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Magnetic Field

The space around the poles of a magnet is called the magnetic field, and is represented by magnetic lines of force. The space around a lode stone, around a compass needle, around the earth, and around a permanent magnet are examples of magnetic fields.

The force in the space around a magnet can be pictured by examining the pattern made by iron fillings, sprinkled on a card board placed over the magnet. Each little splinter of iron acts like a compass needle, attracting other filling, at its ends and repelling those lying parallel to it. These chains of fillings led to the assumptions that the region (field) around a magnet contains invisible “lines of force”. The total number of line of force surrounding a magnet, as illustrated in, is called the total magnetic flux.

Pattern of Iron-fillings Around a Bar-Magnet

Field Around a Bar Magnet Represented By Lines Of Force

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