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Magnetic Leakage And Fringing

Leakage flux is the flux, which follows a leading path, as shown in. Flux in the air gap is known as useful flux which is utilized for various useful purposes. For the purpose of calculations the iron is supposed to carry whole of the flux throughout its entire length.

 Magnetic Leakage and Fringing

The ratio of total flux (flux in the iron path ) to the useful flux (flux in the air gap) is known as leakage factor.

i.e. Leakage factor = Total fiux
                             Useful fiux

or  Leakage factor
              = Flux in the iron path
                 Flux in the air gap

It is also seen from that the useful flux passing across the gap tends to bulge outwards, thereby increasing the effective area of the gap and reducing the flux density in the gap. This effect is referred to as fringing and the linger the air gap, the greater is the fringing.

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