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Potential Difference

It is known that water flows form high pressure point to low pressure point and its flow between the two points depends upon the difference of their pressures, greater the difference in pressure, the greater will be the flow of water i.e. the flow of water will increase or decrees with the increase or decrease in pressure difference respectively and no water will flow if difference of pressure between the two points is brought to zero. SO the difference of pressure between these two points is necessary to keep the water flowing between them.

Similarly to have flow of electrons or electricity between the two ends of a conductor, the difference of electric pressure is necessary. The difference of electric pressure is known as potential difference. Rate of flow of electricity or current strength depends upon the potential difference. Greater the potential difference, the greater will be the current strength lesser the potential difference, lesser the current strength. No potential difference, no current.

In current electricity the dry cells or secondary cells or generators are employed to create potential difference in order to cause the current to flow in the closed circuits as the water pump is used to create pressure difference in order to drive water in water pipes.

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