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Resistivity And Conductivity

In expression R = p  l  if I = unity and a = unity then R = p
Hence resistance of material of unit length having unit cross-sectional area is defined as the resistivity of specific resistance of the material.
Specific resistance or resistivity of a material is also defined as the resistance between opposite faces of a unit cube of than material.

It is measured in ohm-meters or ohms per meter cube in m.k.s (or S I) system and in ohm-cm or ohms per cm cube in C.G.S. system

1 Ω - M = 100 Ω - cm

The reciprocal of resistance i.e. is called the conductance and is denoted by English letter G. It is
defined as the inducement offered by the conductor to the flow of current and is measured in mhos ()

G = =   1   = 1. a = k. a
      R     p  l     p  l         l

where k = 1 and is known as conductivity of material. Hence conductivity is the reciprocal of the
resistivity and is defined a the conductance between the two opposite faces of a unit cube. Its unit is mho per. meter( /m).

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