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The sub-circuits may be divided into the following two groups:
(i)    light and fan (5A) sub-circuits and (ii) power (15A) sub-circuits.

(i)    Light and Fn-sub-circuit: Lights and fans may be connected to a common circuit but the number of such points (i.e. lights, fans, 5A socket outlasts) connected in one sub-circuit should not exceed ten and load connected in one sub-circuit should not exceed 800 watts. All such sub-circuits are single phase.

(ii)    Power sub-circuit: Single phase 15A sub-circuits (power sub-circuits) are used for connecting heaters, stoves, electric iron, small single phase motors etc. The load connected in a power sub-circuit normally should not exceed 3,000 watts and the number of outlasts connected on each sub circuit in no case should exceed two.

In certain cases where supply tariff are different for single phase light and fan and domestic power loads different energy meters are used for light and fan sub-circuits and power circuits.

In case the number of points or the load exceed the limit that can be connected in one sub-circuit the total load of the building is divided into two or more final sub-circuit

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