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It is known as the ratio of intensity of magnetization J to the magnetizing force or intensity of the magnetic field (H). It is represented by K.

Mathematically    K = J henry/metre/

Relation between relative permeability r) and susceptibility (K)

Total number of lines of induction passing through the material of the magnetic bar = lines due to magnetizing force + lines due to induced magnetism.

  θ = μoH X a + m

where a is the pole area of the bar magnet, m is the pole strength of the bar magnet and H is the magnetizing force.

Dividing both sides by a we get

           θ = μoH + m
           a              a

or       B = μoH +                     (since θ = B )
                          a                               a

or       μoμrH = μoH + J                 ( since B = μoμr H and m = J )
Dividing both sides by μo H we get
          μr = 1 +   J

or        μr = 1 + 1   J
                      μo  H

or        μ = 1 + K                                  ( Since = K )
                     μo                                             H

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