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Business Opportunity

What is a Business Opportunity?
There are a lot of opportunities available in the world of business, but they are not visible every body. They are visible only to those who constantly remain in search of them. opportunity does not come to any one by chance, but the entrepreneur has to struggle for it. The entrepreneur has to collect necessary information from various sources in his search for business opportunity. Business opportunity can be described as an economic idea which can be implemented to create a business enterprise and earn profits. Before selecting opportunity, the entrepreneur has to ensure tow things- (i) there is a good market for the product he is going to produce, and (ii) the rate of return on the investment is attractive to be accepted by him.

An entrepreneur is basically an opportunity seeker. He is supposed to identify, explore various opportunities in the environment and then select a viable business opportunity. Business opportunity is an attractive project in terms of adequate rate of return which motivates the entrepreneur to accept that particular project for making investment decision. Entrepreneurs generally evaluate different possibilities and select only highest reward paying possibility for execution. Thus, a business possibility may take the shape of business opportunity only when that possibility is commercially feasible. In this context, two major criteria are important for converting a possibility in to a business opportunity. These are : (i) favorable market demand or excess of demand over existing supply available in the market, and (ii) adequate rate of return on investment to that particular business opportunity.

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