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According to Fayol, :In an undertaking, control consists of verifying whether everything occurs in conformity with the plan adopted, the instructions issued and the principles established.” Controlling is that management activity whereby the managers compare actual performance against the planned one, find out the deviations, take corrective action to remove the deviations, incorporate positive deviations in the plans and help ensure the realization of the specific goals.

In a running concern, planning and control go together because planning seeks to set consistent, integrated and articulated goals or programmers, while control seeks to complete events conform to plans. The most notable feature of the process of control is that it is forward-looking. A manager cannot control the past but can the control process consists of the following steps:

(i)    Setting up of standards.
(ii)    Measuring performance.
(iii)    Comparing performance with standards.
(iv)    Taking corrective action.

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