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Directing And Executing

Direction is the process of guiding, supervising, leading and motivating the subordinates to work in a way that is beneficial to the enterprise. The manager not only shows that right path but also leads the subordinates to achieve the objectives fo the enterprise. He creates a sense of belongingness, faith and loyalty among the subordinates.

The direction function involves the following four elements:

(i)    Leadership. Leadership is the process by which a manager guides and influences the work of others in choosing and attuning specified goals. According to Chester Barnard, leadership is the quality of the behavior of the individuals whereby they guide people towards the accomplishment of some common goal.

(ii)    Communication. A manager has to tell the workers what they are required to do how to do and when to do it. It has to create an understanding in the minds of the subordinates of work to be done. This is done by the process of communication.

(iii)    Motivation. It is the function of a manager to motivate the people working under him to perform the work assigned. A successful manager has to make proper of motivation  to enthuse the people to work harmoniously for the attainment of desired objectives.

(iv)    Supervision. Supervision is the process by which conformity between planned and actual results is maintained. Effective supervision ensures greater output of high quality. It teaches the subordinates the way their takes are to be performed.

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