Generation Of Employment Opportunities

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Generation of Employment Opportunities

Growing unemployment especially among qualified or educated youths is great challenge in many economies. If such persons become entrepreneur and form new enterprises, they will not only create jobs for themselves but also provide direct employment to many more individuals, Current interest in small enterprises in most of the courtiers especially in developing ones, originates largely form the widespread concern over unemployment.

An entrepreneur creates lot of employment opportunities for different sections of society. By generating opportunities, the entrepreneur adds to the economic growth. Setting up a new venture leads to creation of new opportunism for labour, supplier of inputs, supplier of industrial equipments, marketing traders etc. All these sectors are benefited by the setting up of new enterprises of the expansion/diversification of existing ones. Employment opportunities are created by the entry of new units in the economy. When the existing units increase their production capacity, more employment opportunities are created.

A new industrial unit will require raw materials, power, water, banking and communication facilities, plant and machinery, furniture and fixtures etc. The providers of all these goods and facilities will get work from the new unit. The suppliers of all the goods and services will certainly gain from this demand. These input and services will be required on a regular basis on permanent demand is created for these things.

The goods and services produced by the entrepreneurs will be sold in the market. This would require the services of traders. The increase in trading activity will further require the services of transport, warehousing, insure, advertising, communication etc. The resultant effect would be creation of more job opportunities in the economy.

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