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Importance of Understanding Values

Understanding of values of people at work is important due to the following reasons:

(i)    Values lay the foundations for the understanding of attitudes and motivation of people.

(ii)    Value system influences the perception of individuals.

(iii)    Value system influences the entreprenur’s perception of the different situations. In other words, it influences the way in which a manager views the other individuals and the groups of individuals in the organization.

(iv)    Value system influences an entrepreneur’s decision and his solutions to the various problems.

(v)    Values influence attitudes and behaviours. An individual will get more job satisfaction if his values align with the organization’s policies, if the organization’s policies are different from his views and values, eh will be disappointed, the disappointment will lead to job dissatisfaction and decline in performance.

Work ethics constitute an important cornerstone of the current management revolution all over the world. Hence, an understanding of the values has become a necessity.

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