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Management As a Process

As a process, management refers to a series of inter-related functions or elements to achieve the objectives of the enterprise through the effective utilization of human and other resources. It involves five functions, namely, (a) planning, (b) organizing  (c) staffing, (d) directing or leading and (e) controlling.

An Overview of Management Process

through the performance of these functions that management is able to effectively utilize manpower and physically resources such as money or capital, machines matters, methods, etc. to produce goods and services required by the society.

Functions of Management

A very brief overview of the managerial function is given below:

1.    Planning. To take decisions and to pre

2.    Organizing. To divide work among individuals and to create authority responsibility them necessary training.

3.    Staffing.
To employ people to man voyeurs positions in the organization and to provide them necessary training.

4.    Directing. To give instructions to the subordinates, to motivate them and to provide them leadership.

5.    Controlling. To compare actual performance with predetermined standards and to take corrective action.

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