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Managerial Planning

Definition of Planning

Planning is primary function of management that is intellectual in nature. It is the process of thinking before doing and making plans for the organization. A plan is a course of action for the future. Planning is the process of determination of a course of action to achieve the desired goals or objectives.

Planning means looking ahead and chalking out the future course of action to achieve certain objectives. It is preparatory step of the action that is to be followed. It is basically a problem of choosing from among the alternative courses of action. It leads to laying down of objectives, policies, strategies, procedures programmers, budgets, etc.

Planning is deciding in advance as regards the following issues:

(i)    What is to be done? i.e., determination of objectives.
(ii)    How is to be done? i.e., determination of objectives.
(iii)    Where is to be done?
(iv)    When is it to be done?
(v)    By whom is to be done?

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