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Types of Creativity

Iring Taylor has given the following types of creativity:

(i)    Spontaneous Creativity.
If deals with spontaneous creations as found among intelligent children.

(ii)    Technical Creativity. It involves striking improvement in a process that increases that level of proficiency or efficiency.

(iii)    Inventive Creativity.
It involves new combination of materials or ingredients. In this context, we can mention the Edison’s light bulb or Bell’s telephone.

(iv)    Innovative Creativity. It involves far-reaching application of basic ideas such as management application of principles of psychology to develop a much more effective system for motivating staff.

(v)    Emergencies Creativity. If consists of new revolutionary principles for an art or a science such as the psycho-analytical concepts of Freud or the relativity concept of Einstein or Picasso’s cubist ideas.

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