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Judaism-The Religion Of A Divine Destination

Judaism is the religion of the Israelis or the Jews living mostly in the Middle East. To most Jews, there are basic concepts that hey must believe. Maimonides (Rabbi Moses been Minion), the foremost Talmudist of the Middle Ages, listed 13 articles of belief based on the following subjects.

1.    Existence of God
2.    The Unity of God
3.    The Spiritual Nature of God
4.    God’s Uniqueness in at he has always existed and will continue to exist for ever.
5.    Worship of God
6.    Prophecy
7.    Moses as the greatest of prophets
8.    Heavenly origin of the Law
9.    The Eternal Natures of the Law
10.  God’s knowledge of the works of men
11.  Reward and  Punishment
12.  Coming of the Messiah
13.  The Resurrection of the dead.

 Other authorities had other interpretations:

Among them was the scholar Hasdai Caracas, who in the e15th century, listed 14 points for Judaism’s spiritual course:

1.    God knows individually all things and all people.
2.    His providence is over each individual.
3.    He is omnipotent.
4.    He revealed himself in a special way to the prophets.
5.    He has given man freedom of ht will.
6.    He gave man the Thorax.
7.    He created the universe at a particular time.
8.    Immortality is assured for those observe his commandments.
9.    There’s punishment for the wicked.
10.  The dead will be resurrected.
11.  The Tehran is eternal.
12.  Moses is supreme.
13.  The priest can foretell future events through the Uri or Thomism.
14.  The Messiah will come.

Beliefs, according to Maimonides, Cresses, or other fathers of the faith down through the ages constitute the nature of life of the Hebrew people and make the state of Israel, the centre of Judaism as a hum land for the Jews. For here in the Palestine republic are represented the three major types of Judaism-types that are also representative of the American Jewish community. They are Orthodox Judaism, Reform Judaism, and Conservative Judaism.

Orthodox Judaism
represents an attempt to hold to traditionalism and ancient authority and is somewhat comparable to Fundamentalism in Protestantism. Reform Judaism, the liberal or progressive movement, is comparable to Liberal Protestantism. And Conservative Judaism, the middle of-the-road Judaic expression is comparable perhaps to Liberal Conservatism in the Protestant faith. Some 40 percent of America’s prating Jews are Orthodox, 30 percent Reform and 30 percent Conservative.

Jewish Consciousness:

More significant that synagogue affiliation is the Jewish consciousness, molded through centuries of emphatic faith. Jews everywhere, wherever they may be and in whatever culture they are found, believe that they muse worship God in the sanctuary of their hearts, for God has laid upon them a heritage that dare not be denied. They are of all nations, yet they are distinctive among the nation. They are noted for their strong business acumen. Yet they are among the most philanthropic people. They are rationalistic, yet mystical. They are people of intensive action yet they rightly claim some of religion’s most reflective scholars being divided even on Zionism and yet convinced that Jerusalem is their new nation. Here in this tiny stronghold that is 120 miles along and 1 5 miles wide, amid modern innovations and a completely realistic outlook up the world, is heard once more in the right of our time the ancient words “Israel chose Yahweh to be their God, and Yahweh chose Israel to be his people.